Smart controls-


Smart controls- How they work...

Smart controls cover a wide range of products including heating controls:

Google Nest products offer a great smart home solution for all areas of your home, including their Nest thermostat.

This Nest thermostat offers a fantastic control for the individual user, allowing you toturn and down your heating quickly and easily with great visual representation. Not only does it offer easy operation but it also learns from your heating requirements, ifyou always turn your heating up at the same time each evening, then the smart device will start to turn on for you. The stat can also turn down when you frequently turn the heat down.

Not only this but the thermostat can be linked to your smart phone and turn on or off depending if you are arriving home or leaving.

These functions offer a great an easy solution for your home heating and hot water as well as providing efficiency savings on your heating.

Benefits of Smart Controls

  • Savings on your energy bills


  • Increased system efficiencies


  • Easy operation


  • Use from your smart phone

WHY Choose Energien?

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Our team prides itself on a high level of customer service and satisfaction, our team work hard to ensure that all of your requirements are met and that you find the system installation as stress free and as easy as possible.

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