Solar PV- Electric Panels


Solar PV- How it works...

The basic principles of solar PV can be explained quickly and simply:

Solar PV panels are designed to be directed towards the suns natural light, this light energy is absorbed and changed in to electricity. This electricity is sent from the panels through DC electric cabling down to an inverter, the inverter converts the electricity from DC to AC (the type used in your home).

The AC electricity then goes from the inverter and down to the consumer unit within your home, the electricity takes the path of least resistance and therefore goes to any electrical demand within the property, any excess goes down the wires to the National Grid.

Solar PV often will now have battery storage added to it, this basically means that the electricity produced from the solar panels that is not used in the home when it is made, can then be stored in batteries rather than going out to the national grid.

Benefits of Solar PV

  • Virtually no running costs; with minimal maintenance.


  • Installation of solar PV is very easy and can be installed at virtually any property.


  • Its an extremely green and energy efficient product, helping to drastically lower your electricity bill and can almost eliminate it when used in conjuction with battery storage.


  • Can be great in combination with heat pumps, helping to provide the electricity for your heat.

Battery Storage

We are now able to offer top quality battery storage along with the installation of solar PV systems.

This will help you get the most from your solar PV system..


  • Will I be eligible for a Government Grant?


  • Do I need to upgrade my electricity supply?


  • Do I need to service Solar PV system?

  • Can I produce all of my electricity from Solar PV?

    You may be eligible for a Government Grant. We can advise on this and assist you with any application.

    In most cases your existing supply will be more than adequate.

    You may need to have the system serviced but the more important aspect of maintenance is to keep the panels clean.

    No, it is very unlikely that you could produce enough electricity for your whole home from a standard system but in some cases you may be able to achieve 90%.

    WHY Choose Energien?

    At Energien we believe that using the highest quality products combined with a highly detailed design and top quality installation is what we can deliver and in doing so, gives you the client, the best possible chance of having a long running and highly efficient system.

    Our team prides itself on a high level of customer service and satisfaction, our team work hard toensure that all of your requirements are met and that you find the system installation as stress free and as easy as possible.

    Contact us to see if we can help you find a suitable technology.