Grants and incentives


You may not be aware that even though Heat Pumps are a very efficient form of heating, are lower running cost than other heating systems, are environmentally friendly, the Government is also trying to encourage the uptake of this Renewable technology.

Given this, there are many forms of grants and incentives available to you to help install your new heat pump system.

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Green Homes


The Governments new Green Homes Grant is due to become available at the end of September 2020.

The scheme will provide home owners with up to a £5,000 grant (non repayable) to install a new renewable technology including Heat Pumps.

We will be on the Governments approved list to gain access to this, this will be through TrustMark and MCS.

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RHI- Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive has been around for many years, however this is due to finish in 2021.

The RHI, as it is refered to, is an incentive given by the Government but maintained by OFGEM, this scheme is run in two parts; The non-domestic RHI and the Domestic RHI.

The Domestic RHI scheme will provide you with an incentive (Tariff) based on the technology chosen, you will then receive an amount each quarter for a total of 7 years.

The non-Domestic RHI provides an incentive (Tariff) based on the technology chosen but instead utilises a Heat Meter which records all heat produced/consumed in kWh (just as an electrical or gas meter). The Tariff has two tiers, the Tier 1 tariff is the bulk of heat used/consumed but at the highest price given and the tier 2 is a lower tariff for those sites that exceed tier 1.

The non-Domestic RHI is guaranteed for 20years but has certain requirements that must be met to allow you to sign up.

We have a great experience of dealing with OFGEM regarding RHI applications and are happy to assist you with this as part of our process.