Water Source Heat Pumps- WSHP


Water Source- How it works...

The basic principles of a water source heat pump can be explained quickly and simply:

Groundwater heat pumps hold a special position in the heat pump sector. These systems draw heating energy not from the ground or the ambient air, but directly from the groundwater. They score highly due to particularly high efficiency and durability. Groundwater heat pumps present building owners wanting to rely on renewables for generating heat with an interesting alternative and special benefits.

Heat pumps require electricity to operate but for every unit of electricity they use, they produce upto 6 units of heat. This figure is referred to as a COP rate.

If designed correctly these systems can operate efficiently even when the outside temperature drops down to -10degC. 

Benefits of WSHP's

  • Low running cost; The lowest running costs of the Heat Pump technologies.


  • Installation of WSHP systems are easily integrated with existing building systems.


  • Its a green and energy efficient product, removing fossil fuel from your property.


  • Very low maintenance; WSHP systems have a life expectancy of around 20 years with little maintenance.


  • Will I be eligible for a Government Grant?


  • Do I need to change my radiators to make it work properly?


  • Do I need to service my Heat Pump?

  • Will a heat pump work with my existing electric supply?

    You may be eligible for either the Governments "Green Homes Grant" or the "RHI" and you,    may well be eligible for both. We can advise on this and assist you with any application.

    No not necessarily, some times radiators are large enough and therefore do not require

    changing, each case is different but we can advise on this.

    Yes, your heat pump must be serviced annually by a qualified proffessional and can be a stipulation of any Government grant received.

    Yes in most cases we can utilise your existing 230v supply.

    WHY Choose Energien?

    At Energien we believe that using the highest quality products combined with a highly detailed design and top quality installation is what we can deliver and in doing so, gives you the client, the best possible chance of having a long running and highly efficient system.

    Our team prides itself on a high level of customer service and satisfaction, our team work hard to ensure that all of your requirements are met and that you find the system installation as stress free and as easy as possible.

    Contact us to see if we can help you find a suitable technology.